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WAR Review: ‘Balconies’ (Annex Theatre)

By on August 5, 2014


Balconies is playing at Annex Theatre through the end of August. You should go. It’s complicated–and hugely entertaining, dealing with competing parties, cults, video game devs, revenge, and more.  Written and Directed by Scotto Moore, you’d expect sci-fi. There are sci-fi nods, but it’s firmly in the comedy realm. It’s a big cast, and many of the actors play more than one role. Everybody is having fun, sweating it out, on stage, and in the audience.

Sparkle Dungeon 5: Assassins of Glitter‘ is the reason for the party on balcony 1. The game is at the top of the app store. The creative team is celebrating with LED light-up costume, a performance artist, sex jamz, bubbly, and talk of the future.


Balcony 2 is a state senator’s fundraising get-together. Sparkle Dungeon’s creator owns one apartment, the other is owned by the daughter of the senator. These are your leads. Joining them are minor television stars, conspiracy theorists–the hi-jinks are many; I laughed and fanned myself with the playbill trying to keep up.


Balconies gets under the skin of Seattle and pokes all the raw nerves. Required viewing for all start-ups, all indie devs. Required viewing for cult members. Big laughs, big payoffs, Thursdays are pay what you can. Go see it.

Pictures by Ina Johnston. Poster by Evelyn DeHais.

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Tom Mohrman is Editor and Publisher of Wonder and Risk. He has lived in Seattle since 2003, after leaving his home state of Arizona. In 1994 he performed poetry at Lollapalooza standing on a milk crate with a megaphone, which has informed all subsequent discourse.

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